July 22, 2020

Lee MacDonald - aka Grange Hill's Zammo

Lee MacDonald - aka Grange Hill's Zammo

Lee joins Genevieve to relive his favourite Grange Hill memories when he was on the show from 1982-1987.

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Who could forget the theme tune to Grange Hill? The show you’d rush home from school for - just to spend half an hour watching other kids at school.

This episode we're joined by Lee MacDonald, who played Zammo Maguire in the classic kids' TV programme from 1982-1987. 

We talk about our favourite Grange Hill memories, how Zammo was originally meant to be killed off in the show and why Lee wasn't allowed to sing on the famous Just Say No single.

The star also reveals his top tips for starting a business and talks about the devastating car crash that ended his boxing career.


When he's not acting, you can find Lee at his shop, Mentor Lock, in Wallington, Surrey.

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Episode hosted, produced and edited by Genevieve.

Theme music by Mark Savage @mrdiscopop