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Great guests, smart interviewer

Just discovered this show, and it’s a gem! Host Genevieve truly knows her pop culture and has a strong rapport with her guests. I started randomly with Sean Maguire (who seems very wise and humble!) and look forward to exploring more of the back catalogue!

Love this show

Listened to all the episodes, I really enjoy this show nice chilled listen, finding out all the history in peoples careers too very interesting! Highly recommend 5*


I really enjoy this podcast. It’s relaxing and absorbing and covers a wide range of guests and topics so that it doesn’t seem formulaic. Nice to have a reminder that celebs are just people. Looking forward to more episodes!

Warm hug of a podcast.

Can’t wait for this to return. Genevieve comes across extremely warm & down to earth. Discovered during the lockdown & was a welcome relief from the stresses of daily life.

Nostalgic reminiscing

Absolutely adore this podcast. Genevieve has a great interview style and I was obsessed with her interview with Luke Goss and ‘Rayanne’ from My So Called Life. I straddle being an 80s & 90s kid and this podcast gives me lifeeeee!


A lovely trip down memory lane 5 stars all day 😊

Celebrity Catch Up

Another fascinating episode. It’s such a good listen - Genevieve has a great rapport with her guests.

Fantastic podcast

I am loving your podcast, really takes me back to my youth. What a great time we had in the 80s. Thank you for the reminders! ❤️

A Great Show!

The Celebrity Catch Up Podcast is an entertaining and overall great podcast. I recommend taking a listen!

THE place for nostalgia

A great listen that takes you back and brings you bang up to date in one hit. The guests come across as relaxed, open and at ease. Good work!

Pure nostalgia

Relaxed, genial, and a great concept.

Engaging and fun

Chilled out interview and good to cover what happens in life after a huge moment of celebrity. In the first episode Chesney comes accross really well and the interview style is relaxed but doesnt step away from asking about what happens after the hits. Looking forward to the next one.

Would recommend

If found this podcast to be an engaging, touching and good-humoured listen.

Good stuff!

Well thought out and presented. Easy listening but still engaging.

Great listen!

As someone who loves a bit of nostalgia this really caught my eye. I was not disappointed. This was a great listen and I can’t wait for more of these. Interested to see who’s coming on next. Great concept. Beautifully executed. More of the same place!

Celebrity catch up is a must listen

Brilliant. Give me more. Can’t wait for the next instalment. Feels like you really get to know the guest.

Funny, informative and entertaining

Really interesting questions and great rapport with Chesney made for an enjoyable and entertaining podcast. The conversation flowed well and it was clear a lot of research had been done beforehand. Quality of audio was also exceptional.

Great catch-up with Chesney

A refreshing stroll down memory lane with Chesney Hawkes that triggers a warm tingle of nostalgia. Great vocals too, Chesney has still got it. Looking forward to the next podcast. Like the concept.